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WES related FAQS

Refer to the following points for some assistance :
  • If the program is complete and the degree was awarded, WES requires a convocation certificate/final degree certificate  (in absence of which, you must provide a provisional degree certificate) issued by the University of Mumbai. This is mandatory.
  • WES will always accept university-issued mark sheets for all semester or years, however they understand that some semesters are not examined by university, in which case :
    1. For Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts programs: WES requires college-issued mark sheets for Year 1 and Year 2 (semester 1-4). For year 3 (semester 5-6), WES requires the university- issued mark sheet.
    2. For Bachelor of Engineering programs: WES requires college-issued mark sheets for year 2 and year 3 (semesters 3-6). For Year 1 and Year 4 (semesters 1-2 and 7-8), WES requires the university-issued mark sheets.

The above information is only some reference content for your assistance and is subject to change with changes in WES requirement as listed on their website. Irrespectively, you’re expected to be aware of the documents that have to be sent to WES based on information from their website. This platform will only submit to WES, after authentication, all the documents that you upload and will not be responsible to examine the sufficiency of documentation.

Final degree certificate or convocation certificate is a mandatory document for WES application. In case a student does not possess the same(irrespective of the reason being much earlier year of graduation or any other), he may visit the University of Mumbai Office at Churchgate or his college and request for a provisional certificate which reads that he has passed the examination and obtained his degree. PFA a sample of the certificate for your reference.

This University platform requires you to follow a particular procedure which involves uploading all marksheets followed by upload of Transcript. We advise you to stick to the requirement.It is suggested that you go through the FAQ mentioning modification of application which says students will be required to apply fresh in case of any additional requirement, thus it is better to provide all documents to the best possibility in order to avoid multiple applications later.
No. In the first place, WES does not mandate the requirement of the application form for University of Mumbai students. However, if you still decide to provide the same, there will be no attestation of that document by the University of Mumbai.
Students are expected to be extremely diligent while making an application since they cannot modify an application once sent. In case of any errors / modification requirement whether voluntarily or as informed to you via WES for information submitted or additional documents etc, the student is expected to make another application from the same user ID(Do not register for sign up again, use the same login credentials).
University of Mumbai has a secure direct channel for electronic transfer of documents to WES. Your WES reference number is of utmost importance for the application. You aren’t required to make any physical couriers or put up address’.
Expected duration for completion of the process shall tentatively be 15 working days from the date of acceptance of the application. This is however contingent to college confirmation. After the college confirmation, applications will be processed in 3 working days.
Yes, whether you’re applying to WES in Canada or in the USA or anywhere else, your process will remain same. Your WES reference number is sufficient for the department to trace which country you’re applying to.